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Northwest Coast Hall Opens May 13 New exhibits developed with Indigenous communities present the creativity and history of Pacific Northwest living cultures. May 5, 2022 Dynamic Rivers Contributed to Amazon's Rich Bird Diversity Genome-based study also finds new bird species at high risk of imminent extinction. April 8, 2022 Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation to Open Winter 2022-23 Read about the opening of the new Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation at the American Museum of Natural... March 29, 2022 Studies Of Endangered Species Stress Transboundary Conservation As climate change forces species to migrate across borders, scientists recommend coordinated approaches to prevent biodiversity loss. March 22, 2022 New Species of Extinct Vampire-Squid-Like Cephalopod Exceptionally preserved fossil pushes back age of Vampyropoda by nearly 82 million years, and is the first with ten arms. March 8, 2022 Echolocating Yin and Yang Bats Have a Hidden Difference in Their Ears Study finds that variations in the inner ear led to evolution of different forms of echolocation in two major bat lineages. January 26, 2022 Citizen Scientists Find Young Jupiter-Like Object Missed by Previous Searches New study finds a world about 146 light years away that's not quite a planet, not quite a brown dwarf. December 9, 2021 Sharks Opens at the American Museum of Natural History New exhibition brings visitors face-to-face with the vast diversity of shark species. December 8, 2021 Okavango Blue to Go On Public View This dazzling blue diamond from Botswana will go on public view for the first time starting November 10, 2021. November 9, 2021 Graduation Resumes Under the Iconic Blue Whale Museum's Richard Gilder Graduate School confers Ph.D in comparative biology, and Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degrees. October 15, 2021 Extinct Ground Sloth Likely Ate Meat with its Veggies New study reveals that Mylodon was an omnivore, unlike its strictly plant-eating relatives. October 7, 2021 The American Museum of Natural History Announces New Exhibition: Sharks Featuring dozens of life-sized models from 33 feet to 5 inches long. September 20, 2021
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