The Jesup Expedition investigated the links between the people of the Pacific Northwest of North America & the Eastern Coast of Siberia.

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This is a website containing the photographs of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition held in the Research Library of the American Museum of Natural History. It includes a brief history of the expedition, biographical notes of the participants and links about, and sometimes by, the cultures that were the subject of the expedition’s work. The site also includes an extensive bibliography of published works as well as links to other resources and publications.

While the official years of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition were 1897-1902, the overall intellectual enterprise does not fit so neatly with that five year funding period. The major team members, Franz Boas, Waldemar Jochelson and Waldemar Bogoras had all done research earlier in the area and continued their work after 1902. George Hunt’s photography on the Northwest Coast after the expedition was also part of the intellectual continuum. Therefore, this site will also include those earlier and later pictures taken in the region as well as other images of the cultures that were part of the expedition’s enterprise that are now in the Museum Library collection. These include photographs of the Tlingit people in Alaska, who had previously been visited by U.S. Navy Lieutenant George Thornton Emmons as well as images of the Ainu of Northern Japan, related to the Ainu on Sakahlin Island who were studied by Berthold Laufer during his first years fieldwork for the Jesup Expedition but for which there is no photographic documentation.